Health Systems Management, B.S.

Unlock your potential in the healthcare industry with UNC Charlotte’s Online Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management (HSMT). This program paves the way for ambitious individuals to secure entry-level positions in the diverse and dynamic healthcare sector.

Program Highlights

  • Expertly Designed Curriculum: Meticulously crafted to meet the industry’s highest standards, the HSMT curriculum aligns with the competencies outlined by the American College of Healthcare Executives.
  • Targeted Skill Development: Prepare to excel in critical roles across various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, and more.



33 Credit Hour Major

A Curriculum Informed by Industry Leaders

UNC Charlotte’s HSMT program offers a curriculum that is both comprehensive and sequentially organized, focusing on the core competencies desired in health system managers and administrators. This approach ensures that our graduates are not only prepared for today’s challenges but are also equipped to lead in the future of healthcare management.

Core Competencies Covered:

  • Communication and Relationship Management: Master the art of effective communication and develop strong management relationships within healthcare settings.
  • Leadership: Gain insights into transformative leadership practices that drive healthcare organizations forward.
  • Professionalism: Embrace the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and personal responsibility.
  • Health System Care Environment Knowledge: Understand the complex workings of the healthcare system to navigate and lead effectively.
  • Business Skills and Knowledge: Acquire essential business acumen tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare sector.

Prepare for a Future in Healthcare Management

By completing courses across these critical domains, students not only gain a deep understanding of the healthcare industry but also develop the essential skills required to manage and lead in this field effectively.

Why earn your Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management (HSMT) at UNC Charlotte?
  • Master in-demand healthcare management skills: Our curriculum aligns with the ACHE competency framework, equipping you for real-world success.
  • Achieve career-boosting skills: Aligned with the American College of Healthcare Executives’ guidelines, the HSMT curriculum prioritizes the essential skills of all health system managers.
  • Learn from leading healthcare management experts: Gain insights from experienced faculty with extensive real-world experience.
  • Fast-track your healthcare career: Pursue graduate degrees in Public Health Sciences, including early-entry options for MPH and MHA programs at UNC Charlotte.
What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in Health Systems Management?

Medical and health systems managers are the backbone of efficient healthcare delivery. Our B.S. in Health Systems Management (HSMT) program trains you for these crucial roles, providing you with the expertise to plan, direct, and coordinate services across hospitals, clinics, and more. You’ll learn to navigate evolving healthcare laws, regulations, and technology, making you a highly sought-after professional in a rapidly growing field.

Our graduates go on to work at health care related companies or providers like Atrium Health, Novant Health, PMMC, OrthoCarolina, and Duke Health.

HSMT alumni hold job titles such as:

  • Patient Services Coordinators
  • Healthcare Recruiters
  • Recovery Analysts
  • Project Managers

Enhance your Earning Power and Career Growth

UNC Charlotte alumni with a B.S. in Health Systems Management earn an average salary of $64,700 according to Lightcast, which sampled 546 alumni who graduated from 1998 through 2023 (Source: Lightcast, 2023). The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) also projects that employment in medical and health management occupations will grow 28% from 2022 through 2032 (much faster than average).


In our B.S. in Health Systems Management (HSMT) program, you can forge a career in the heart of healthcare.  We unlock your expertise to analyze healthcare structures, navigate financing models, and understand delivery systems. Master culturally competent leadership principles to build diverse and effective teams. Learn to leverage data-driven insights for coordinated care across organizations and systems. Gain a deep understanding of community needs and healthcare trends, ensuring your leadership drives true impact.

This degree requires completion of 120 credit hours in approved courses including:

General Education Courses (31-32 credit hours):

For details on required courses, refer to the General Education Program.

Major Courses (33 credit hours):

  • HSMT 2101: Introduction to Health Systems Management (3)
  • HSMT 2103: Introduction to Human Resources Management (3)
  • HSMT 2104: Introduction to the U.S. Healthcare System (3)
  • HSMT 3201: Health System Leadership, Ethics, and Inter-Professional Communication (3)
  • HSMT 3203: Introduction to Healthcare Accounting and Finance (3)
  • HSMT 3204: Health System Organization Development and Behavior (3)
  • HSMT 3104: Health Information Systems (3)
  • HSMT 4201: Health Policy and Law (3)
  • HSMT 4202: Quality Management and Improvement (3)
  • HSMT 4600: Health Systems Management Capstone (3)
  • HLTH 2102: Foundations of Public Health (3)
    • or HLTH 4090: International Comparative Health Systems (3)
    • or HSMT 3301: Health Insurance and Managed Care (3)
    • or UCOL 3410: Career Development Internship (1 to 3) (taken for 3 credit hours)

Elective Courses (47-53 credit hours):

Students in the Health Systems Management major may wish to combine their major field of study with a related minor. UNC Charlotte offers a wide range of minors – although not required for the major – to complement and otherwise enrich student readiness for workplace settings that demand effective communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills, digital literacy, and effective teamwork. Students are encouraged to consider completing a minor and a large number of options exist on campus that would serve to complement the Health Systems Management major including: biology, communication studies, gerontology, international studies, management information systems, political science, and public health.

Unrestricted Elective Courses

As needed to complete the credit hours required for graduation (120).


Application Deadlines for New Students: 

  • July 1 (fall) 
  • November 15 (spring)
  • May 1 (first half summer term)

Application Deadlines for Returning Students: 

  • July 29 (fall)
  • December 1 (spring)
  • May 1 (summer)


  • Prospective students for the B.S. in Health Systems Management program should preferably have 24 transferable credit hours with a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • Applicants should have an overall 2.0 grade point average. 
  • Please note that any student at UNC Charlotte can declare the HSMT major at time any time, but only students who have sophomore status can register for the initial 2000-level courses.

New Student to UNC Charlotte

  • Prospective students with at least 24 hours of transferrable credit can apply directly to the Health Systems Management program through the transfer student portal.
  • Provide all post-secondary transcripts.
  • Submit the application fee.

Returning Student to UNC Charlotte

How will your courses transfer to UNC Charlotte?

  • Transferable courses must be college-level and have a grade of C or higher.
  • Please utilize the Transfer Credit Advisor for a list of courses that have previously transferred from your institution.
  • Course equivalency lists are not exhaustive for any school except North Carolina community colleges.

Invest in your future without breaking the bank. Our Health Systems Management (HSMT) program offers a top-notch education at an exceptional value. Compare and see the difference with our HSMT program’s competitive tuition, making it a smart choice for your future.

Rates are subject to change.


  • $189.48 per credit hour

Outside of NC Non-Resident:

  • $348.32 per credit hour


  • $800.40 per credit hour​

Find more information regarding tuition and fees here ».

+ HSMT Major Fee for College of Health & Human Services:

Credit HoursFee (per term)
1-5 Hours$62.50
6+ Hours$125.00

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