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Only at Charlotte

Forget just earning a degree or certificate – at UNC Charlotte Online, you’ll shape what’s next. Dive into a dynamic online community pulsating with the spirit of Niner Pride and endless possibilities.

We’re a nationally recognized leader in crafting high-quality, affordable online programs designed for busy professionals like you.

Here, active learning is the norm. We craft our innovative online courses with modern learners in mind. Expect multimedia elements, interactive activities, and cutting-edge tools that keep you captivated and engaged every step of the way.

Our faculty and staff aren’t just educators; they’re dedicated mentors. They share your passion for success and take personal pride in every student’s achievements.

But finishing your degree is just the first chapter. At UNC Charlotte, you’ll join a lifelong network of Niners who will forever support your journey, celebrate your milestones, and empower your future.

Let’s build a future filled with possibilities, together – only at Charlotte.

Charlotte Online Has Affordable Programs that Enhance Skills and Knowledge

UNC Charlotte has online programs for learners during any stage of life with academic degree programs and professional development certificates and certifications.

Why Get Your Online Degree from UNC Charlotte?

  • National leader in the development of high-quality online programs for working professionals
  • Connect, collaborate, and thrive with the Niner Community
  • A standout credential valued by employers nationwide.

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