Office of Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services ensures access to academic programs and promotes inclusion across the University. The Office will determine eligibility and identify reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with documented disabilities who are deemed “otherwise qualified” by the University. The Office of Disability Services collaborates with faculty and staff to ensure the accommodation process meets the documented needs of students. The staff serves UNC Charlotte undergraduate, graduate, nontraditional and continuing education students with various disabilities.


Reasonable and appropriate accommodations are determined based upon the specifics of an individual’s disability. The exact services a student receives will be determined upon meeting with a counselor and will match the documented disability. Accommodations work to “level the playing field” and to ensure access to university programs.

The Process for Getting Started:

  1. Apply to UNC Charlotte: unless appealing a decision, do not indicate disability on application
  2. Once accepted, submit appropriate disability documentation to the Office of Disability Services
  3. As a distance education student and if you are deemed eligible, make an appointment with a counselor. Your scheduled meeting with a counselor can be conducted either online, via telephone or on campus, if you can make the trip.
  4. Eligible students need to “check-in” every semester with their Disability Services counselor.
  5. “Meet” with each professor at the beginning of each semester and provide your faculty with your Letter of Accommodation.
  6. Contact the Office of Disability Services if any issues arise regarding disability status or accommodations.
  7. Most important: Be proactive and be your own best advocate by planning ahead and utilizing all the campus supports available to you.

For more information or to get started, visit the Office of Disability Services website.