Dropping and Withdrawing from a Course

If you decide to drop a course, you can drop during the Drop/Add period at the beginning of the semester. There is not a permanent record of your dropped course on your transcript. If the drop period had passed, you may withdraw from a course. A "W" will be listed on your transcript. If you are dropping or withdrawing from all of your courses in a given semester, it is considered that you are withdrawing from the University.

Refer to the UNC Charlotte Academic Calendar for the dates concerning dropping and withdrawing. Information concerning refunds may be found at the Student Accounts website. Dropping and withdrawing may also affect your financial aid eligibility.

All students must use Banner Self Service to drop or withdraw from courses. Not logging into your course, non-attendance, or just contacting the course instructor DOES NOT drop or withdraw you from your course. As you carefully consider your decision to drop or withdraw, discuss your options with your instructor and your advisor. Undergraduates considering withdrawing from a course should review the UNC Charlotte academic policy regarding withdraws.  

To drop or withdraw:

  1. Go to My UNC Charlotte and enter your NinerNET Username and Password
  2. Click on Banner Self Service
  3. Click on Student Services/Student Accounts
  4. Click on Registration
  5. Click on Add/Drop Classes
  6. Select the Semester and click Submit. Your current schedule will appear on this page.
  7. If you would like to withdraw from one or multiple courses, select the "Drop Course" option in the Action drop down box for desired courses.
  8. Click Submit Changes
  9. Please review your class schedule for accuracy.
  10. Click the Logout icon to exit My UNC Charlotte.

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