Prospective Student FAQs


Once you have applied to the University, you may monitor your application status via the Undergraduate or Graduate Admissions webpages.


Financial Aid

How can I apply for Financial Aid or Veteran's Benefits? The same financial aid and Veteran's Benefits guidelines that apply to on-campus students apply to distance education course and program students. Contact UNC Charlotte's Student Financial Aid Office for information pertaining to your particular situation.


Immunizations and health insurance

Distance Education students are not required to meet the immunization requirements and are not eligible for health insurance. If you receive a letter from the University regarding immunizations and health insurance and you are a Distance Education student, you may disregard the letter. If you are taking on-campus courses in addition to your DE courses, please review the immunization and health insurance policy.


Prospective Students

You are now ready to begin your journey with us. Take the next step by visiting your program page.

Contact us!

Toll-Free: 1-877‑583‑2966
Local: 704‑687‑1285

Computer Specifications

All students are expected to have general computer skills such as sending and receiving emails with attachments, basic proficiency Microsoft Office products. Students are expected to be familiar with the tools of their course management system.  Some of the most common tools are Canvas and WebEx.

Our students meet the same University admission and grading requirements and enroll in the same high-quality academic programs as those on the UNC Charlotte campus. Distance Education programs are accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

Distance education (DE) delivery methods include online, site-based and interactive television.

Online programs are offered via the Internet either synchronously (there is a planned meeting time on the computer) or asynchronously (there is no class meeting time and students log into the course at their convenience).

Site-based programs are taught face-to-face at locations around the Charlotte area.

Interactive television (ITV) allows the instructor to teach a live class on the UNC Charlotte campus while DE students participate from other sites by watching via television.


DE students develop a connection with the University that goes beyond the classroom through outstanding student support services and a strong commitment to quality.

  • Taught by the same faculty who teach on-campus programs
  • Personalized academic advising
  • Evaluated annually to promote continuous improvement
  • Nationally recognized degree that is respected by top employers
  • Dedicated staff who work exclusively with DE students
  • Toll-free telephone number to access campus offices, advisors and instructors
  • Team of Technical Assistants available weekday, evening and weekend hours
  • Distance Education Librarian

Success in an online program

  1. Read carefully all the information provided to you by your Senior Program Manager.
  2. Contact the Office of Distance Education as soon as you decide that you want to enroll in a distance education course or program at UNC Charlotte.
  3. Retain copies of all records and correspondence that you send to the University.
  4. Take your academic courses seriously as you will be generating a college transcript.
  5. View the Office of Distance Education staff as your primary link to the University.


Some programs conduct an optional on-campus orientation.  You can find program specific requirements in your program description.


Distance education students, like on-campus students, access this information in Banner via the University's student portal, My UNC Charlotte.

When you are accepted to the University, you will be provided an email account. The University will use this email account as the primary mode of communication with you. You will also be able to contact your instructors, advisor and campus administrative offices via a 1-800 phone number that the Office of Distance Education will provide in your program materials.


You should contact the Office of Distance Education immediately by phone, or email.

During the drop/add period, log in to your My UNC Charlotte account and use Banner Self Service to drop a course. Requests to drop or withdraw after the drop/add period should be made by faxing a signed, written request to the Office of Distance Education at 704‑687‑1284.

Withdrawal from a Course (retaining other courses)

After the drop/add period ends the only way to drop a course but to remain enrolled in other courses is to withdraw. If you withdraw from a course it will show on your transcript with the grade of W but will not count towards your GPA. This action must be taken by the deadline indicated in the Academic Calendar. After that deadline, exceptions may be requested, but only in cases where extenuating circumstances such as serious illness can be demonstrated. Unsatisfactory academic performance itself is not an extenuating circumstance.

Withdrawal from the University

This action terminates your enrollment at the University, however all courses will remain on your transcript with the grade of W. This action must be done by the deadline shown in the Academic Calendar and is effective only when the withdrawal from is accepted by the Registrar’s office. After that deadline exceptions may be requested in cases with extenuating circumstances.


Textbooks can be ordered through the UNC Charlotte bookstore; or, after completing course registration in Banner Self Service, select "Order Your Books Online" within the "Registration" section.

Questions about your UNC Charlotte Bookstore online textbook order? Contact the Online Ordering Manager at 704‑687‑7050.



Student Computing is available to enrolled students, accessible by toll-free phone line or email.

Student Computing Help Center

Toll Free: 877‑583‑2966 (Select Option 1)
Local: 704‑687‑5500


Review the University’s general Technical Specification and read the materials for your specific program to determine if there are additional requirements.


Transcript/degree completion questions

Distance education students receive the same degree as our campus students, and transcripts and diplomas do not indicate the method by which the degree was earned.


For an official transcript contact the Registrar's Office.



If you are a new, incoming, or current undergraduate or graduate student, and you wish to request a residency classification, submit an application using the Residency Determination Service (RDS).

RDS is the entity responsible for all classifications of residency in North Carolina.  

To begin the process, visit

  • All student inquiries about initial determinations, reconsiderations or appeals, should be directed to RDS, the sole authority for residency determinations.  You may reach RDS by telephone or email:
  • Phone:  844-319-3640
  • Email:

For additional information about North Carolina Residence for Tuition Purposes, please visit the Residency Determination Office webpage.



We are happy to serve our veterans and the family members of veterans. Generally, any education benefit that can be used for an on-campus program can also be used for a distance education program. It is important to note that the housing allowance available in the Post 9/11 benefit will be reduced for distance learning courses. Please refer to the UNC Charlotte Veteran Student Services and the Frequent Questions at their site.


Visiting Campus

Parking information can be found on the Parking Services webpage. Please take note of the maps and the specific Visitor Parking information.