Shape What's Next With Charlotte Online

March 30, 2023

Are you hoping to develop new skills? An online program through UNC Charlotte Online can provide students with the opportunity to continue their education without having to travel to campus. Online programs supply students with a flexible and convenient learning opportunity. UNC Charlotte Online offers affordable programs that enhance existing skills and knowledge.

Shape what's next with an online program

UNC Charlotte Online offers a variety of online degrees and programs. The opportunities range from: the fields of education, engineering and health and human services to liberal arts and sciences. UNC Charlotte offers online bachelor’s degrees, graduate certificates, master’s degrees, and professional credit programs.

Become a teacher and pursue a graduate certificate. Develop a strong discipline in a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology: Electrical, through participation in experimental, hands-on projects. Learn skills through leadership and evidence-based practice with the online Master of Science in Respiratory Care. Master your skills in language through a graduate certificate in Languages and Culture Studies: Translating to better develop translating skills and advanced, post-editing skills. Expand your skillset with a certificate in Project Management.

What can an online program do for you?

An online program is a smart way to expand your knowledge and skills, while making the most of your time. Without the confinement of set times, and in-person classes, students have the availability to work full-time while they pursue their degree or certificate. An online program is convenient, so students can make time for education around the responsibilities of daily life.